Late Summer 2018 Collection

The City Series | Built in Collaboration with Our Partners

New Designer & Collection: Adrianna Avencci

Pacific & Main is excited to announce a partnership with Adrianna Avencci, serving the North American clientele exclusivley! Adrianna Avennci was born out of a passion for design and the desire to create one-of-a-kind timeless pieces of wearable art. Each design is intimately created to be unique, bold & baroque, portraying its own creative energy.

It's about creating luxury that appeals to each personal character - an evolving signature brand that is a breath of fresh air in the fashion world.

Enjoy this fantastic collection! 

Featured Designer: Arenka

Explore the eclectic collection of gorgeous arenka silk scarves.

The Arenka quality scarves feature breathtakingly unique designs, and are made of 14 mm twill silk that ties and falls in the preferred way. These large  90 x 90 cm limited production works of art are designed in Vancouver exclusively for Pacific and Main. 

Est. 2016, arenka silk scarves are embraced by women who are drawn to the brand's aesthetic: a collection which is inspired by vast cultures, portraying a distinct twist to each & every piece.

Aker and Armine Collection

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Ahhhh... The Late Summer '18 Collection is Here

Ahhhh... The Late Summer '18 Collection is Here

Summer. What compares to summer?

Intense Heat. Warm Dancing Breezes. Long Days. Sun, Sun, Glorious Sun. Water. Picnics. Family. And so much more! Speaking of more - P&M is excited to launch the Late Summer '18 Collection. Packed full of vibrant and beautiful silks, it's sure to delight. Enjoy summer. Enjoy the new collection. 


Team P&M

July 12, 2018 by Abigail Symington
New City Series Collection - Launching Soon!

New City Series Collection - Launching Soon!

The creative team at Pacific & Main, in collaboration with stores in many locales, have been working on a new series over the last few months. 

Finally, we're excited to announce that scarves for all participating cities have been drawn, created, edited, sampled, and are now in production!

These scarves are beautiful not only for the sake of fashion and the Pacific & Main classic design aesthetic, they also make a valued memento and fantastic souvenir. What better way to complete an outfit for remembering a weekend or friend? 

We'll keep you posted when these scarves will be available. 

Until then, check out all the other designs online!

Thanks for your support!


Lily on behalf of the P&M Team

April 04, 2018 by Abigail Symington
2018 Spring Color Trends

2018 Spring Color Trends

Whoosh! 2018 roared in.... And what should we expect. We at P&M think a year of bold and bright and brilliant - pops of color and print - moments of style and flair and sophisticated wow!

According to a range of fashion experts the fashion world will see overabundance of bold, bright colors! Think bold. Think bright. Think beautiful.  In addition to a surfeit of sunny yellows, expect a jelly-bean bowl of blazing oranges, lime greens and cherry reds along with an old favorite - bright and springy pinks. Not only bright - think lots of bright and mixed brights. 

Along with brilliant colors, bold prints such as tartan plaids, metallics, patterns, and animal prints are forecasted to be very in-vogue for 2018 spring, summer, and fall.

At Pacific and Main, we're just excited to be bringing scarves that offer these great elements along with classic style to you! We have new collections slated to launch soon along with heaps of designs in progress! 

Here's to looking fabulous in 2018!




March 01, 2018 by Abigail Symington


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