What we're hearing from our customers:

The last batch of scarves we got we've already sold 8 of them, and we haven't even officially been open since we got them!"- buyer for Redwood Falls Superstore
    "I think Pacific and Main does awesome at making it easy, easy on our end.  I honestly can’t think of anything more you can do on your end.  We get a good discount, your orders ship free & FAST, which is cool." - buyer for Seattle Superstore
      "Honestly everyone loves your scarves, quality and size.  I've never heard anyone say anything  negative about them.  The ones we sell the most of are the "large scarves".  I think because they are affordable to pretty much anybody and still a good size.  Keep new ones coming everyone loves to see them."- buyer for Indianapolis Superstore
        "The $35 scarves sell so fast at our store we could use as many designs and colors that you can get!  I’m super impressed by the program, very easy to order and receive etc, thanks for all your support!"- buyer from San Antonio Store




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